Best Commercial Industrial Drone for 2018

For those who missed our previous posts, are first post provided a brief company overview of Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. Our second post turned its attention to the definition of "drone", and our third post examined the meaning of "drones" in popular culture. In anticipate of the new year ahead, this next post provides a brief overview of what Skynex™ deems to be one of the best commercial and industrial drones available on the market that is, the Yuneec H520 by Yuneec Electric Aviation. As seen in the overview provided below, the H520 incorporates all the best and latest technological innovations in one drone.

Yuneec H520 Aircraft Design

Powerful Hexacopter Design

One of the most obvious and noteworthy yet often overlooked features about the Yuneec H520 drone is that it adopts a six (6) motor drone design or, what is more properly referred to as a "hexacopter". A drone comparable to the Yuneec H520 would be DJI's Inspire line of drones, which adopt a four (4) motor quadcopter design. Why is this feature important, and what are the practical implications? Simply stated, the two additional drone motors offer significantly more power to the drone. This means an overall more stable and precise drone flight experience offered by the H520, even in windier flight conditions. Drone manufacturers spend millions of dollars in developing camera stabilizing devices or, gimbals, to ensure smooth and clear footage that can resist vibration, shaking, and other movements. The stability offered by a six motor hexacopter drone design is another simple and effective way of ensuring smooth aerial footage, a characteristic which is particularly valuable when conducting high-precision industrial drone inspectionssurveying and mapping, as well as for professional, cinematography grade photography and filming. As well, six motors means more redundancy, and therefore, greater assurance that a crash will not occur in case of one or two motor failures. Naturally, a six motor hexacopter drone design either requires more power to operate, or less time to fly. While the H520 Yuneec drone does not offer dual intelligent battery redundancy for extended flight times (the H520's flight time is limited to a modest 28 minutes depending on payload), the H520 does ground tethering, a feature which allows users to fly the H520 for as long as is necessary. 

Retracting Drone Landing Gear, Adjustable Propeller Arms 

Unobstructed 360° Aerial View

Another excellent feature about Yuneec's H520 drone design relates to the landing gear affixed to the H520 Yuneec drone. The H520 integrates landing gear that retract autonomously while in flight. Aside from the fact that landing gear protects a drone's sensitive electronic components on landing, the benefit of retracting landing gear is simple: it offers an unobstructed , 360° aerial view from the H520. This feature is once more valuable for any commercial or industrial flight mission that relies heavily on the H520's imaging capabilities, whether it be for conducting industrial inspections, surveying, or mapping, or for capturing cinematographic or even live/real-time broadcast-ready aerial footage. As well, retracted landing gear offer a more aerodynamic drone figure, for enhanced control and and smooth maneuverability over the H520's flight. Better yet, the H520 hexacopter drone also features adjustable angle propeller arms for greater torque and power. 

Yuneec H520 Drone - Retracting Landing Gear

H520 Drone Payload Option Compatibility

Broad-Cast Ready Footage, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision, 3D Modelling, And More

In addition to a powerful six (6) motor drone design, the usefulness of the unobstructed 360° aerial view finds greater value in light of the H520's compatibility with a wide range of different payload and imaging solutions. Firstly, while Yuneec does not advertise or market this particular feature for its H520, the six motor hexacopter design of the H520 means it can lift payloads that are heavier than a four motor quadcopter design might otherwise allow. While Yuneec does not offer a drop-release mechanism for the H520, drop-release mechanisms can easily be improvised and retrofitted on the H520, with a safe carrying weight being in the 5 pounds range. In terms of imaging solutions, and perhaps the H520's greatest feature, is that it offers compatibility with the full gamut of imaging solutions: 

  • E90: 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) recording w/ 20MP (20 megapixels) - the E90 offers a rare 20MP still image quality, as well as 4K UHD video recordings at an astonishing 60 frames-per-second. The quality of Yuneec's E90 camera gimbal is unmatched in the industry. The E90 also offers wide-angle viewing, with low-distortion and dispersion drone camera lens. Better yet, it support 3D mapping and modelling. The E90 also features a quick release and lock drone camera mechanism, making it easy to swap with other payload and imaging solutions. The E90 is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal with high precision (+/- 0.02) movement detection and correction;

  • CGOET: Dual Real-Time/Live Thermal Imaging and 1080P Low-Light/Night Vision Camera - investors looking for a drone that can conduct only the highest quality of commercial/industrial drone inspections may, depending on the specifics of the needs and circumstances, want to incorporate into their industrial/commercial drone solution a thermal imaging and/or night vision capability. This is precisely what Yuneec offers through the CGOet dual imaging camera, making the H520 drone perfectly suitable for: 
    • Construction project inspections and monitoring;
    • Agricultural monitoring, inspections, and mapping;
    • Public safety (search and rescue, firefighting, police surveillance, border control, etc.).

  • E50: medium focal-length 4K UHD 30fps 12MP Camera w/ 3-Axis Gimbal: the E50 offers an commercial/industrial-grade imaging solution, with 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) recording capability, and 12MP (megapixel) stills. In addition to being suitable for cinematographic, commercial-grande photography and film production, the E90 imaging solution is also perfectly suitable for detailed industrial inspections: 
    • Infrastructure inspections (bridges, roads, highways, railways);
    • Onshore/offshore oil and gas drone inspections;
    • Wind turbine drone inspections; and 
    • Other vertical commercial and industrial asset inspections.

Combined with a robust, powerful six (6) motor hexacopter design, the above payload and imaging solutions allow the H520 drone to be deployed in nearly any commercial or industrial context, making it one of the most versatile, practical, and useful drone currently available on the market. 

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