Fly High with Skynex: 5 Reasons to Buy Your Drone Through Us

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none: unlike the vast majority of commercial and industrial drone solutions currently offered on the market, Skynex does not act on behalf of, or represent any single drone manufacturer. It follows that our drone knowledge and expertise is not focused exclusively on one brand of drones. Rather, our knowledge and expertise is spread across the drone industry and drone technologies. Our knowledge of the various commercial and industrial drone solutions allows us to compare and contrast between various drone solutions, to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses offered by each, and to determine whether a drone is suitable for the needs and expectations of a customer.
  2. Focused exclusively on meeting your drone needs: because Skynex does not act or represent any drone manufacturer, and because Skynex does not benefit or receive any incentive from recommending commercial or industrial drone solution over another, our sole concern becomes that of finding the best solution to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  3. Unparalleled drone expertise: a further consequence of being an independent drone seller and distributor in the global marketplace, Skynex is constantly on the lookout for newly emerging commercial and industrial drone technologies capable of responding to the high commercial and industrial needs of its customers. The knowledge and expertise that Skynex has acquired of the drone industry as a result is unique and unparalleled.
  4. Negotiable pricing, guaranteed best prices: people at Skynex are passionate about drones. The only way for people at Skynex to continue doing what we enjoy most is to ensure people continue coming to Skynex for drone solutions. As a token of appreciation, we in turn want to give our customers the best deals on commercial and industrial drone solutions.
  5. More than five reasons: our fifth reason is that there are in fact more than five reasons why people should go with Skynex when choosing a commercial or industrial drone solution. To but three (3) of many more examples, Skynex offers to its customers

(i) 1 year drone care & repair services: All commercial and industrial drones sold through Skynex come with 1 year of free care and repair services;

(ii) Identity protection: When investing in a commercial or industrial drone solution, customers can opt-in to receive $100,000.00 in identity protection, at no cost;

(iii) Fast order processing, guaranteed delivery: among the many protections we offer to our customers, and in addition to 24 hour commercial or industrial drone order processing, we guarantee our drone deliveries to our customers.